Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hey There!

Welcome to my new Fashion, Design and Lifestyle blog. I'm Sophie and I've just finished my first year studying Fashion Design so I've set up this blog to share what I've been doing to keep myself busy, expect plenty of fashion, baking, DIY and doodling.

My current favourite shoes, From Office.

My first year at Uni has flown by yet I've gained so much from it. One of the highlights of the past year was travelling to Paris for Premier Vision!

Also exploring and discovering some of my favourite parts of Birmingham including my new favourite restaurant, Bodegas.  I've never had nachos like it and none will ever compare to the Bodega Nachos.

My first project at Uni was to design a top and skirt from inital  concept to final collection, then for our next project I had to create a conceptual garment through draping on the stand. However my favourite was the third project to design and make a shirt aimed at a brand.
First project Photo shoot- See my Online portfolio for full project

Heres a sneak peak from my portfolio but to see my work from the beginning check out my online portfolio  at

In the most recent project my mild obsession with 'to do' lists became rather obsessive to keep on top of the amount of work I had on, so much so that I'm feeling lost without them. To help my craving for lists here's a snippet of what I am to achieve this summer and what you can expect from Sophie's Design Bee.

- Start and maintain a blog,
- Make some decorations for my new room (Moving into a new house in September!)
- Buy a new diary and notebooks for my lists,
- Teach myself new skills on Illustrator and Indesign,
- Try out new recipes (This won't be hard, I love cooking)
- Visit a country I've never been to before,
- Make more personalised presents for people.

That's it for my first post but theres much more to come shortly,

Love Sophie Agnes

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